LifeHouse Groups

What is a LifeHouse?

  • A LifeHouse is a group of people who meet in homes or other places to  provide a way to connect with others, make a difference in the community and challenge us to be more like Christ.

Why are they so important?

  • At CWC Bay Area, our mission is to help draw people into a growing relationship with Christ. We believe LifeHouse groups are the place where sustained life change occurs. This is where real life and real issues are discussed. In the LifeHouse, you develop relationships with other believers on a deeper level than is possible on Sunday services. If you are looking for a place to experience community with others while discovering God’s word together.

How often do groups meet?

  • LifeHouse’s meet at different times and days throughout the week. Groups meet weekly.

What happens in a LifeHouse?

  • Even though all LifeHouse’s are not the same, how groups spend their time is similar to one another. There is time spent hanging out and connecting with each other, time for discussion and reflection surrounding the group study and time spent in prayer and care for one another. Being in a LifeHouse is about being a part of authentic community with others. Everyone in the group has an opportunity to grow at their own pace by sharing with and hearing from others in their group.


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