UPCOMING  CLASSES (September 13-November 15)

PRINCIPLES OF CHRISTIAN LIVING (P.O.C.L): Instructor Pastor Nick Belaski (6:00-7:00 PM via Zoom)
 This 10 week course will establish a strong foundation in the new believers life, it will rekindle the passion of first love found in (Revelation 2:4) in the seasoned believers life.  Principles of Christian Living are the building blocks of the modern day followers of Christ.

THE LIFE OF CHRIST: Instructor Pastor Dan Vera (7:15-8:15 PM via Zoom)
This course will cover the life of Christ, as it surveys an in-depth analysis of the Incarnation, Miracles, Death & Resurrection, and the Ascension of Jesus Christ in relation to the plan of God for the redemption of man. The Gospels will be studied from their many agreements of subjects, order, and language. It will include a special in-depth analysis o fevents leading up to the coming of Christ.