What To Expect

Church should be a fun, inspirational place where you can experience the presence of God. At Christian Worship Center you’ll meet friendly people, experience uplifting music, listen to messages that you will find encouraging, humorous, and challenging.

You’ll walk out feeling different than when you walked in. Changed people change people.  Christian Worship Center is filled with people from all walks of life that are changing their world daily because their lives have been changed by Jesus. We strive to be a place where change can happen.  Change one life at a time.  Change by an encounter with God.

Our Mission

To draw people into a growing relationship with Christ.

Our mission is not to have church, but to be the church in the world today.  To demonstrate the love of God and draw people into a relationship with a God that loves them. Why? Because people matter to God.

Whether you are here at Christian Worship Center for a brief time or for years; our mission is to help you to grow in your faith, your purpose, your potential and develop a thriving relationship with God.

It’s our mission to make the name of Jesus Christ renown by loving God, loving people and changing our world.